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The marketing spend that keeps on giving

Place an ad in your local newspaper, and you’ll have to do the same again next week. Start a Google Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, and as soon as you stop spending, the traffic to your website stops too.

A domain name isn’t like that. Once bought, the only ongoing cost of a domain name is the small annual renewal fee, and yet it will keep on delivering customers to your business year after year after year. And each time a new customer comes to your business because they were able to remember your web address, that’s less money you have to spend on those newspaper ads and PPC campaigns.

What’s more, a domain name isn’t just about online marketing. According to research by Nominet, a domain name now appears in over two-thirds of all UK print and television ads. You’ll hear them on the radio and you’ll see them on the side of vans.

A domain name is marketing spend that keeps on giving. The secret is to own one that is so easily recalled by customers, it will pay for itself over and over in the months and years ahead.

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