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Why one domain name might not to be enough

So you’ve already got a website and you’ve got a domain name that you are happy with. Why on Earth would you want to spend more of your marketing budget on another domain name?

When buying a domain name for a business, chances are the name you really wanted has already gone. So you go for second or third or fourth best, have a website built, and leave it at that. That’s fine as far as it goes, but if it’s a name that’s hard to spell or has to be explained to customers, you are almost certainly losing business.

You can fix this because there’s nothing stopping you adding a more memorable domain name to your marketing arsenal to work alongside an existing one.

There’s an old marketing adage called the Rule of Seven. It says that a potential customer needs to see or hear an advertising message seven times before taking action. Of course, it’s not set in stone, but you’ll know that it carries a lot of truth from your own marketing experiences.

The clever use of a domain name in advertising can short-circuit this rule and put you at the forefront of a customer’s mind every time they need your product or service. This is where an unforgettable domain name can really pay off.

For example, how many plumbers are there in a town like Wigan?

Maybe a dozen or more, but only one with on the side of a van.

You won’t need to see that web address seven times to recall it.

If you buy another domain name, it doesn’t mean you have to stop using your existing one. More than one domain name can direct customers to the same website. You can use a highly memorable domain name in your offline and online marketing, and then simply redirect that domain name to your existing website.

You can of course rebrand if you want to, but at a time that suits you.

The best way to point a second domain name at an existing website is by using what it called a permanent or 301
redirect. Your web developer will be able to do this for you quickly and easily at minimal cost. The benefits of that extra domain name working for you, however, can be huge.

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