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Why a premium domain name allows you to stand head and shoulders above the competition

A premium domain name can bring a great deal to the table in terms of benefiting your business.

A great domain name should be:

Usually, a short one or two word domain name is not only easier to spell, it is also far more memorable.

A domain name that tells you everything you need to know about the website behind it is of real value. A good generic domain will instantly identify you with the goods and services you provide, even if it’s not your trading name.

A good domain name will always be easy to remember. If it isn’t, customers might struggle to find you again and may end up at a competitor’s site instead.

I know, all domain names are unique by definition, but some are definitely more unique than others.

Trust and confidence are crucial for online success and any domain name must convey both.

Then there’s the:

Radio Test
Would your domain name pass the radio test? If a customer heard it mentioned on the radio, would it be easily and correctly recalled later that day? And don’t ignore the radio test on the grounds that you never intend to advertise on radio. For radio test, think word of mouth.

Domain Extension
Stick to what your average man in the street understands. For most people in the UK that means, followed by .com. To that very short list, you can now add .uk too.

So how does your website’s domain name measure up?

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